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Beware: Addicting

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Doodle Downwards – Addicting

Addicting Game

In Doodle Downwards you are guiding Parachute Doodle, a little guy who needs your help. He is on the way to the ground but his parachute is broken. So try to stay alive as long as possible. On your way you will meet many different monsters, powerups and much more. Hope to see you on the leaderboard as soon as possible!


-Monsters, Black Holes, Ufos, Pencils, Rubbers, Plasters, Double Score, SpeedUps and more
-Some monsters are shooting on you!
-2 Game Modes:
1. Help Parachute Doodle to destroy monsters by tapping on them
2. You can just control him but you can’t kill enemies!
-Accurate tilt controls and easy handling -Different powerups, fly through plasters or crosses to get them!
-2 Online Leaderboards + Game Center
-Avoid monsters
-Health Bar, you won’t get killed directly every time when you hit a monster
★ BE WARNED! Addicting Gameplay! ★

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